As a performer-composer, I do not believe the two categories are mutually exclusive. Composition enhances performance, and performance enhances composition. As a performer- composer, I think of myself as a storyteller; creator, and performer. I gravitate towards composition and performances that have a narrative quality in a collaborative context, such as musical theater, opera, film scoring, and songwriting.

While I know where my compositional and performance strengths lie, I like to explore and go beyond my comfort zone as well. Continually finding an individual voice as a performer and composer is a life-long process with never-ending discoveries. While my work tends towards the melodic, consonant, and tonal, I am open to trying new compositional techniques, such as graphic notation, structured improvisation, and extended techniques.

As an artist, I also believe education is invaluable, no matter a student’s learning level. Being a teacher not only helps to nurture future artists, but also helps me to grow as a composer and performer. I constantly strive to communicate in many different ways, whether it be through a lesson, performance, or composition. I am especially passionate about making the arts accessible to all communities. The arts should not be seen as a luxury, but rather as a necessity to grow.

I recently wrote and workshopped an original musical called The Many Delays of Charlie Greene, and I will continue to refine and edit the show with my collaborative team in order to present it for main stage, community, and educational venues. I am currently collaborating with Soprano and Interdisciplinary Artist, Alysha Aurora, along with other artists, on a music-theater experience called Midnite Theater, a living, breathing reimagination of fairy tales, fables, and mythology representing the struggle of the human experience using music, dance, theater, and projections.